We All Need a Reminder Sometimes

Never forget your reusable shopping bags in the car again with Beyobee, your personal assistant app that reminds you to bring in your grocery bags and even sends you reminders to purchase items on your shopping list.  It’s simple, it will save you money and help save the environment.


Beyobee is a shopping bag app that will send you reminders to grab your reusable bags and remind you of the items on your grocery list. Select the stores you frequent and add them to your Beyobee stores list. Each time you arrive at your selected stores, Beyobee will remind you to grab your bags.

Beyobee is simple to use and helps you achieve your goals of being more eco-friendly:

Grocery List App
Easy to Use Maps
Find the stores you frequent with our map feature. Names and locations of nearby stores pop up on the map and allow you to select locations that you frequent so you never have to pay for a paper bag again or resort to using plastic.
Grocery List
Enter your grocery list into your Beyobee app, and never forget your needed items again. Beyobee will remind you to pick up all of the items you need when you arrive at the store. It’s that simple.
Extremely Customizable
Choose how you want to be reminded. With a fully customizable suite of options, you control your notifications so you never forget your reusable bags again. The planet thanks you.
Reminder Notifications
When you’ve arrived at your store, Beyobee will send a ringtone or vibration alert accompanied by a visual alert. Beyobee also sends you a visual reminder of the items needed on your grocery list for that store.
Shopping List App


Save Money
No one likes spending money they don’t have to. You already invested in reusable bags, and you don’t want to have to pay for paper bags. Reusable shopping bags are durable and last for years, saving you added paper bag costs for years to come.
Reduce Waste
Single-use plastic bags have detrimental effects on the environment, and especially our oceans. Up to 1 million animals die each year from plastic bags littering their habitats. By remembering your reusable bags, you’re helping keep our earth clean and our animal friends out of harm’s way.
Shopping List App
What our customers are saying

Before using Beyobee I would forget my reusable bags at home at least 4 out of 10 times. It's been a huge help for me and I love the grocery list feature as well!


I haven't forgot my bags since downloading Beyobee, plus it feels good to save money and help the environment!

“Each one of us can make
a difference. Together
we make change.”

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